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"We are proud to introduce our very own Shembe application and Shembe Care Plan offering that gives our members access to more than 40 000 merchants and to enjoy world class emergency services, healthcare services, legal services and the ability to talk to teacher and download text books for all our grade 1 to grade 12 followers. We are also excited to introduce the ability for you to earn extra money by simply encouraging your friends and family to join the Shembe Care Plan.” says Bishop Shembe.

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Become a Shembe member and enjoy free access to cashless payments at more than 40 000 merchants, buy airtime and data, send money to other Shembe members who need help and join the Shembe Care Plan. No bank account, ID or proof of address required!


The Shembe Care Plan has been designed to help you when you need it most. From emergency and roadside  assistance, to doctors and nurses on call, to legal assistance, to helping you and your children with access to online teachers, text books and more, we are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year!


Help us grow our Shembe member base by sharing your PROMO CODE and earn each time a person joins the Shembe Care Plan. It is so easy you could be making money while you sleep!


For R75.00 you will enjoy 30 days immediate access to the following services.


Join the Shembe Care Plan

today for only R75.