Digital Money, your alternative to banking.

All Shembe members enjoy a free 6DOT50 account.


More than 40 000 merchants now accept payments from 6DOT50 account holders. Simply buy Digital Rands and use them as a new cashless way to pay for goods and services including the Shembe Care Plan.


No bank account is required!


Pay for goods at these stores and all Zapper enabled merchants across South Africa using your 6DOT50 Digital Rands.


Share your Promo Code and build your own network of members. Each time a member joins using your Promo Code link we will add them to your network.


You will earn 20 Digital Rands each time a member in your network JOINS the Shembe Care Plan. You will also EARN 5 Digital Rands every time members in your network pay their Shembe Care Plan premiums PLUS you will earn 0.5% for all qualifying spend on airtime and data products purchased by members in your network. Rewards Rules apply.

Shembe Care Plan App

Simply buy Digital Rands and use your Digital Rand value to access the Shembe Care Plan.


Select the USE link on the Shembe App and activate your membership.


You will enjoy immediate cover for you and your family for 30 days at a cost of R75.00. No long term contracts just great value!

Messages from Shembe

Keep an eye open on your notifications section for messages directly from Bishop Shembe. 


The MyShembe App is an official communication platform to keep you updated and inspired!